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The only all-inclusive customer experience platform that unifies sales and support teams.

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100,000+ users, from 75+ countries, trust Halo Service Solutions to deliver best in class software

Ticketing and Conversations

Intuitive, conversational support that works for everyone

Big customer service team? Lots of complex processes? With powerful out-of-the-box workflows and easy drag-and-drop configuration, HaloCRM can handle it all. HaloCRM will make it easier to prioritise and respond to customers with one unified support desk, complete with customer context built-in to facilitate better conversation tracking.


Work smarter not harder with automation features

Say goodbye to manually assigning tickets, or guesswork when choosing ticket priority. HaloCRM will automate tedious tasks and free agents up to focus on delivering impeccable customer service instead.


Help customers help themselves

Let your customers find exactly what they need, in their own time with our self-service features. Happy customers, and a decreased demand on your agents thanks to our virtual agent, knowledge base and more.


Integrate HaloCRM with your favourite apps.

Extend HaloCRM with apps like Slack, Teams and Azure at no extra charge.

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